Open Source CMS SEOTOASTER Released Its SEO Website Builder in German, Russian and Italian Today

Mar 01, 2014

SEOTOASTER, the most advanced SEO Content Management System, that is also free and open source announces immediate availability of its flagship software to an additional 150 million Internet users.

This localization release covers both accents support for websites URL's, spell checking and other fields & components critical to help websites rank higher with search engines for their respective languages. In addition, the website builder tool's user interface itself is now available in German, Russian, and Italian.

SEOTOASTER is an amazingly easy-to-use, yet powerful website builder, and it is free and open source; Editing your website is a no-brainer thanks to its intuitive and stylish 'edit as you browse' interface. It boasts brains too with a list  of impressive, yet easy-to-use built-in SEO software features that execute arcanes SEO techniques on par with what the best SEO services companies offer to their fortune customers. SEOTOASTER enables open souce PHP developers to enhance the software at will with smarties, widgets, plugins, and even improve the core of the application while delivering to the entrepreneur, e-tailer, or local small business owner or marketer a Web marketing presence built to perform with search engines, acquire top website rankings, generate leads and ultimately sales.

As a result, SEOTOASTER is considered a serious and free alternative to Yahoo Stores  for small e-commerce websites or WordPress when used by small businesses as a corporate CMS. 

In addition, SEOTOASTER features an unique and breakthrough content management system or CMS architecture that grows with your business, and makes piloting, and automation of SEO execution and marketing for multiple websites from a central location possible. Web developers, and marketing agencies can private label the entire framework. 

"I'm thrilled to announce the release of seotoaster in three important languages used by over 150 millions Internet users." says Michel Leconte, the CEO of SEO Samba - the Internet Marketing Services Company behind open source seo cms's SEOTOASTER, and adds; "now, SEOTOASTER's unique abilities are available to entrepreneurs, web marketers, affiliates, and open source web developers in Germany, Russia, Italy, but also Ukraine, Austria, Belarus, Kazakhstan."

"I'm very happy about the growing search marketing and open source developer community involvement with SEOTOASTER" Adds David Culot, SEO Samba's CTO. Indeed, Eric Kubitz, the highly regarded entrepreneur, SEO professional & blogger localized the SEOTOASTER interface to German. Eric commented "Of course, many will keep blogging with Wordpress. But SEOTOASTER satisfies your SEO needs without Plugins and other tweaks. For a small site SEOTOASTER is definitely easier to work with and provides much better out-of-the-box search engine optimization than Wordpress."  One of the most prominent Italian search engine marketing experts, Sante Achille, who've localized the SEOTOASTER interface to Italian added "SEOTOASTER is absolutely the most advanced SEO CMS in the market today, the level of attention to details from an SEO point of view and just throughout is impressive, and the user interface is amazingly fluid too. "

About SEO Toaster

SEO ToasTer is the most advanced SEO CMS right out of the box, no plug-ins required; featuring automated 301 redirection creation, automated optimized on-site linking, automated link sculpting using JS, and even point and click link siloing. It is an open source CMS that is customizable at will and available for download free of charge at
SEO Toaster is easy-to-use featuring complete front-end ‘edit as you surf your website’ content edition and administration. It is also remarkably fast to design or import existing websites to SEO Toaster thanks to the use of standards. Only 4 HTML and 2 CSS templates are required to build a complete theme, and it ships with a set of pre-built themes ready to power your next project. Finally, SEO Toaster is a content management system (CMS) with an unique architecture that grows with your business, and makes piloting SEO execution and marketing for multiple websites from a central automated web marketing location possible with an optional paid-for subscription to SEO Samba.

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About SeoSamba

SeoSamba is the sole organic search management platform where websites are built to maximize performances with search engines. The SeoSamba platform is also designed to support a network of websites that addresses multiple markets, regions and countries in a scalable and manageable way. The SeoSamba platform is well-suited for multiple websites owners, franchises, affiliates, exporters, directories, and small businesses. SeoSamba executes search engine optimization best practices automatically  to streamline the marketing copy creation process, and optimize & broadcast your information through an ever increasing number of Internet marketing channels.

For more information about SeoSamba, visit or contact, and in the US: +1 (877) 450-9894  or in Europe at   +(33) 675-637-635

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