SEO Software

SEO Software

Automate execution and reporting for SEO, social networking and online marketing across any number of websites through a centralized, multi-tenants, cloud-based interface.

Multi-sites SEO automation

Spend less time implementing and analyzing compliance for mundane technical tasks and spend more time on strategy and intelligent tasks.

Accurate search rankings from Google

All-in-one dashboard

SambaSaaS All-in-one multisites dashboard

Centralize real-time monitoring on your all-in-one dashboard for your web traffic, social activity, link graph and search engine rankings across all your web sites.

Geolocated local SEO results

Stiff local or international competition? Deploy your brands and points of presence web sites worldwide and dominate local search results thanks to uniquely localized content powered by our smart rule engine.

Powerful analytics

SeoSamba all-in-one analytics

SeoSamba's analytics goes well beyond traditional web analytics, providing multisites stats at a glance, full ecommerce dashboard, deep SEO reports as well as social network analytics. All of it 100% customizable, plus on-demand white label for web agencies and SEO consultants.

Introducing SEO as a Service

SambaSaaS automatically saves optimized versions of your websites and let you go back in time to view and restore web pages previous SEO rules, attributes and content.