100% open source framework

100% open source framework

Secure your website's future: the open source advantage

SeoSamba develops online solutions that compound traditional benefits of open source software*, universal standard code and a flexible network architecture.

In other words, we enable our customers to leverage open source benefits from end to end, ensuring flexible, scalable and flexible services and products across the board.

* As defined by the Open Source Initiative, open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone.

Open source, flexible hosting and standard code: why should you care?

Your website is the face of your company to most of the world, but it is also  your most valuable properties.

Building your online presence with open source software (vs proprietary software) ensures that any developer can access the source code of your website, therefore allowing you to evolve to any other system down the road if you so choose.

Moreover, SeoSamba provides developers with unfettered access and modification rights to the Content Management System core code through SeoToaster's API (Application Programming Interface) . That means that you can not only easily modify and update your web applications but also customize the application that it is built upon.

But open souce code is not enough to secure your website's long term durability.

To build your web applications, SeoSamba relies on 100% standard web code as recommended by W3C specifications to provide a fully universal programming environment.

And to fulfill the promise of a 100% open source framework, we provide flexible and scalable web hosting solutions letting you integrate any existing or new application in a variety of standard programming languages.

Finally, SeoSamba relies on risk-free 'white hat'-only lead generation and SEO techniques, making your website and mobile applications 100% respectful of search engine recommendations to ensure the highest, most enduring rankings in major search engines for maximum return on investment.

SeoToaster: trade your old toys for the latest OOP framework

  • Our website builder SeoToaster is an open source e-commerce CMS licensed under the latest GNU General Public License GPL V3. This license is preconized by the Free Software Foundation. It keeps things simple and offers a broad licensing compatibility with other open source libraries, thereby facilitating complex project building.
  • SeoToaster offers clear and modern 100% Object Oriented Programming (OOP) architecture, and a tight core with no clutter. That's good news because no legacy or monkey on our backs means none on of yours either when developing your next project.
  • SeoToaster requires mysql5, PhP5.33, and ships with Jquery, Tiny MCE, Zend libraries. It is easy to understand at first glance but don't be fooled by cheap imitations ;-). It boasts many powerful innovations under the hood.